If you are pregnant or hoping to be, consider for a moment your expectations of giving birth. Are you expecting a wonderful natural, easy and painless experience, one of the best experiences of your life? You should be. Sadly, though, many women anticipate this happy event with fear and trepidation. And it’s no wonder. We are bombarded with scare-stories about childbirth. How many times have you heard the phrase ‘as painful as childbirth’? And how frequently have you heard the gory stories of complications and medical interventions? Unfortunately so many of the happy tales of easy, natural, pain-free births go untold in favour of this peculiar form of female machismo. So, is it surprising that women are anxious and tense? And when we are tense and fearing the worst, our expectation of ‘pain’ becomes a reality. Think pain, get pain.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Childbirth is a natural process and one that women’s bodies were designed for. So why not learn how to get out of your body’s way and allow it to do what it is made to do, so naturally and easily?

Hypnobirthing can help you

  •  Enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the birth, keeping things in their true perspective;
  • Let go of past birth experiences;
  • Overcome phobias;
  • Reduce early morning sickness;
  • Stay healthy, eating and sleeping well;
  • Feel confident and empowered about your abilities as a mother;
  • Remain relaxed, calm, confident and in control, trusting your body and working with it so that your muscles and skin stretch effortlessly and easily in a natural pain-free way;
  • Experience a wonderful, natural childbirth, minimising the need for drugs and medical intervention;
  • Recover faster and heal more quickly;
  • Bond with your baby;
  • Breastfeed easily if you choose to do so or be at peace with your decision not to;
  • Return quickly and easily to your pre-pregnancy shape and size;
  • Feel good as a mother and trust your natural instinct and ability.

It can help your partner to

  •  Look forward to the birth with a sense of involvement and empowerment;
  • Be an effective birthing partner, with a clear role and purpose;
  • Feel calm and relaxed and in control of their own responses;
  • Let go of any past experience of difficult birth-partnering;
  • Enjoy the experience!

During the birth you can

  •  Be relaxed and in control
  • Work with your body and intuition
  • Enjoy the birth
  • Control and reduce the feeling of the contractions without drugs
  • Have a wonderfully natural childbirth
  • Look forward to bonding more strongly with your baby as soon as it is born

After the birth you can

  • Promote rapid healing and recovery
  • Breastfeed easily
  • Bond with your baby
  • Have all the energy you need
  • Reduce your weight quickly to pre-pregnancy weight
  • Have confidence as a mother
  • Trust your intuition and instincts
  • Be happy

My hypnobirthing programmes

I offer three programmes depending on how close you are to your due date. Each programme involves a combination of face to face sessions (including teaching hypnobirthing, using hypnosis and related psychological strategies) and home-play using hypnotic recordings and other exercises. Hypnobirthing can be helpful at any time throughout pregnancy but the earlier you start the more empowered you feel for more of your pregnancy and the more you enjoy the whole process. Why sell yourself short? Start today!

3 sessions programme - £330

Before 30 weeks (more than 10 weeks before due date)

Approx. 4 hours + 2 Recordings.

1st Session                                                 90 minutes                                           

2nd Session (one week after 1st session)    1 hour  + Pregnancy Recording              

3rd Session (6 weeks before birth)              90 minutes + Birth Recording

2 sessions programme - £230

Between 30 – 34 weeks (6-10 weeks until due date)

Approx. 3 hours + 1 Recording

1st Session                                                        90 minutes                                                                  

2nd Session (1 – 2 weeks after 1st session)       90 minutes + Recording  

1 session programme - £200

After 34 weeks (less than 6 weeks until due date)

Approx 2.5 hours + 1 Recording

½ hour telephone session                         

2 hour f2f session                                      

1 Recording